Web, tablet, mobile use

The design that adapts its size to any device you use. Hardware free use. Enjoy the freedom of responsive design.

Corporate Identity

Use your corporate logo, look and feel in your ALMS.

Integration Power

With its integration to the existing user database systems, ALMS meets the needs of all kinds of corporation.

Social Media

Don’t loose your ties with ALMS in social media with its Facebook and Twitter integration. Enjoy special Facebook application.

Improved Role Setting

Experience the ALMS difference in the subject of role defining and authorizing. Integrate your organization structure with your system in a productive way.

One Point Management

By managing different departments under one roof, minimize time lost and gain fast, productive results.

Detailed Tracking

In ALMS, the trace of admin, instructor, user and content is done in a detailed and active way. Control every part of the system easily.

Certificate Programme

With ALMS, you can execute the activities of education demand and certificate programme in your corporations easily.

Smart Video

Add question and survey to your education videos; test your users’ performance with utmost efficiency.

Visually Impaired Module

With different interface, visually impaired users will use ALMS easily.

More Detailed Specs
  • 8 activity support: Assignment, e-course, form, document, virtual class, survey and video
  • Planning activities according to beginning and end time date related to weeks
  • Assigning activities to classes and inner-class groups
  • Planning priority among the activities
  • Setting deadlines for all activity types
  • Adding question in video contents any time and so, measuring the tracing in a detailed way
  • Assignments in the formats of document and text
  • Grading the assignments and feedback
  • Defining deadline and putting size limit
  • Creating course, private and general forms
  • One spot trace of the forums that users are included
  • Reaching the completed educations of the students thanks to course archive
  • Virtual Library: The place of mutual documents and their sharing
  • Question bank supporting the types of questions like filling the blanks, open-ended questions, matching, closed-ended multiple answered questions, true/false, listing
  • Image use support in questions
  • Identifying the exam type/identifying how many times it can be taken
  • Displaying the answered/unanswered questions with its completion percentage in the exam screen
  • Preparing quick exam with leaf test in the format of PDF
  • Putting question in video contents
  • Variety of reports for instructor, admin and distant education centre
  • KThe chance of users’ following of the courses and activities percentage of completion and comparing them with other users
  • Following the system use performance of instructor and users
  • The report of view and completion which makes the video educations more performative
  • Making detailed system analysis with Google Analytics integration
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