• What is ALMS? What is its function?

    ALMS is an education management system (LMS) software developed within Advancity. In the manner of asynchronous education property, it is designed for meeting all the needs expected from a education system about the distant education issue. Besides the following of admin, instructor, user in your education institution or your company, you can conduct detailed content trace.

    According to needs of your institution, you can prefer one of the ALMS Academic, ALMS Young or ALMS Corporate versions. You can reach detailed information about our products via our website from the titles of Products and Specs

  • Is there any need to install extra software for using ALMS?

    You don’t need to install extra software since ALMS is a web-based product. You can use ALMS on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile), with Internet connection and Internet explorer software (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) that your device has.

  • • For using ALMS unproblematicly, what should be the speed of my Internet connection?

    It is enough for users to have 1 Mbit to use ALMS unproblematicly.

  • Are you doing ALMS installation on server side?

    Yes, our team supports our clients on server set up.

  • How long does the trial period of ALMS last?

    The trial period is one month.

  • Do you send CD for ALMS software, how can I install it?

    We don't send CD for software; our technical support team will help our clients about the set up when the product is bought.

  • Do you provide training about use after the installation of ALMS?

    Yes, in the case of buying it is done in your place; in the case of renting, it is done in your place related to packet type or via the internet.

  • For ALMS, which support services are given?

    Use and technical support service is given in weekdays between 09:00-22:00, in Saturdays 09:00-13:00

  • What should I do when I want to update ALMS?

    When the renting model is used, updates are done automatically and for free. In buying model, you can get use of updates in the case of making maintenance contract.

  • Some use of LMS is rather complicated, is it same for the ALMS?

    ALMS is designed for the aim of user friendly. Besides its new generation stylish design, it offers the most comfortable interface by its being fast and basic. You can get use of the demos to test the use properties.
  • Do you support adding corporate visuals to the ALMS interface?

    Yes. Services like placing your corporations logo, visual revision and domain direction etc. are offered.
  • What is my maximum file size for uploads?

  • Up to 250 MB file upload is allowed by browser interface. (That is the web standard)

  • Though I am the instructor in the system, when I want to add activity related activity adding button is not seen, what could be the reason?

  • Your access level in the system may not be enough for you to activate related action. By getting touch with your system admin, you may demand the update of your authorities..

  • I have added all the activities under the course but students do not see anything. Why?

  • 1. Students cannot see next week’s activities. Be careful whether your added activities is in the interval of weeks that you are in or previous week interval.
    2. Check the beginning date of the term from the related programme through the academic calendar. Students cannot see the courses before the term begins.
    3. You may associate your activities with wrong class.
    4. If you are using periodical class structure, students cannot see the activities before the activation of the class.

  • Where can I see the other user’s password so as to access to the system?

  • Passwords of the users are kept by encoded. It is not possible for you to reach this information. In order to access to the system via this user’s name, use the simulation module.

  • Eğitmen, yönetici ve uzaktan eğitim merkezi için çeşitli raporlar
  • Kullanıcıların dersleri ve aktivitileri tamamlama oranını takip edebilmesi ve diğer kullanıcılarla kıyaslama şansları
  • Eğitmen ve kullanıcıların sistemi kullanım performanslarının takibi
  • Video eğitimlerini daha performanslı hale getirecek izlenme ve tamamlanma raporu
  • Google Analytics entegrasyonu ile detaylı sistem analizlerinin gerçekleştirebilmesi
  • What can I do with ALMS basically?

    You can meet your required needs for the distant education with utmost ease. You can easily form class, course and arrange numerous activities. You can follow your admins, instructors and content in the system in a detailed way. You can create surveys and certificate programme and archive all your activities.

    With detailed reports, you can easily follow the performance, testing and measurement. You can save the contents in archive and make them easily accessible invariably.

    ALMS will create a huge power for Human Resources acting as a stable training system along with the other systems of the companies. Whatever your sector is, ALMS is the perfect solution for your training needs.

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