Efficient Distant Education at First Step

ALMS K12, by bringing together the all unites of K12 world ranging from admins to parents, is designed for combining distant education with the normal education in the most perfect way. Among the distinctive features of ALMS;

  • Giving opportunity to student-teacher trace and detailed content,
  • Carrying performance trace to a different dimension by adding the parents in the system,
  • Thanks to social media integration, raising the student trace and attention,
  • Multiple school support in unit structure (class teacher, deputy manager etc),
  • With its rich activity variety, contribution to course trace,,
  • Multiple Unit Support (e.g same school’s different campuses),,
  • Converting PDF file to the test format easily
    Thanks to Document Archive and Virtual Library, necessity of re-accessibility of the documents.
  • Please, click for the all properties of ALMS.

The Most Benefical Contribution to Classic Education

ALMS K12 Difference in Education

Easy use of design for admin, instructor, student and parent
Making students closer to the system by social media integration
Makin the courses more enjoyable with rich activity variety