Your Corporate Distant Education is in Safe Hands

ALMS Corporate is designed for the suitable for the corporation structure of the companies and HS needs. Admins, instructors and workers will get maximum utilization from the distant education. Among the ALMS Corporate’s prominent properties;

  • Demanding of the education from the education catalogue and after the approval of the demand from superior, its opening to the user,
  • Presenting and archiving the unrepeated educations in the certain calendar like orientation,
  • Creating detailed reports about educations (Sample attendance period, percentage of education completion etc)
    Forming attendance record or certificate for the ones completing the education successfully,
  • Integration facility with other used systems (SAP etc),
  • Detailed content tracking,
  • Multiple department support in unit structure (HR, IT departments etc),
    Opportunity of limitless and detailed survey with the aim of feedback.
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Solution Decreasing the Costs While Increasing Efficiency

ALMS Touch on the Corporate World

Make your constantly repeated educations like orientation comfortably.
Manage the training demands in a most productive way.
Create distant education certificate.