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ALMS Academic comes among the first when academy is mentioned in the distant education. By being the Turkey’s prominent universities ‘choice, ALMS Academic will create a big power to distant education departments with its new face and raising functionality. Among the properties making ALMS Academic different are that;

  • Management of content, virtual class and education management system with one and only system, with one and only communication point, performing the whole distant education system,
  • For the reason of being suitable to university organization (faculty, distant education centre, student affairs), sharing of the responsibilities and making the distribution of duties
  • Academic, support to the distant education students like the operations for internship and students affairs,
  • Giving support to the distant education students via ALMS Academic trace,

  • Easiness in the development of the courses with the integrated content product device,
  • With its integration to other systems in the university, easiness in the operations of student affairs and beginning/end of the term,
  • Easiness in management with the presumption that thousands of students will use the system,
  • Open to constant development and constant development and support with its local software team.
  • For all the properties of please click.

With ALMS Academic, to the better

ALMS Academic by Numbers

Universities Using the Product: 16
Student Population that the Product has reached: 100.000
Number of Students Taking the Exam in A Night Simultaneously: 75.000